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buk month!
...do you remember the first bukpoem you ever read...well my first was To The Whore Who Took My Poems i was hooked...this month commemorates the anniversary of buk's death /listen to the audio of that poem + roll on down pico and western like buk(fl)air like i did the other day neeener and read that poem 'hot'.on buk's page at the hold ...

pPpsss if you haven't read a bukpoem yet you've gotta septic system problem dude(ette)see you'se in l.a. at my column and i'll see you-buk at green hills on the 9th buk! Xo

welcome back dave! dave xo cait
now let's read it and leap into the-hold.com...

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front row:

ron and ann androla
2/15/2002 - 15:26:56 -
breaking news from Pressure Press: half an hour ago we were married in the shortest ceremony on record! we are now drinking newcastle brown ale. send us expensive gifts! - congrats you'se now when's ...the we(e)ding party?!!!

dave dembinski
February sucked. I have never had a worse month in my entire fucking life.
I'm a believer that everything is....read dave's column "untitled"

Scott C. Dragoo of the harangue
Adventures of Filomena continue in the short story 'Sometimes A Foreign Place'. keep pace with this dammit it's fuckin' A (++++++)

philipe Nico
...It was nearing 9 o’clock. So I rounded the corner to the Coffee Messiah. There was a line to get a cup of Joe. Each cardboard cup was garnished with...---you want more /yes, nco's back with "Anarchy in F Minor"...

linda hurwood
our in the playpen director is moving hook line and sinker to the UK...read about it as they make...'the move'!

Shane Jones
...is back with the hold...he moves grooves that poetry read him!

charles bukowski
celebrates this month buk as he reads "To The Whore Who Took My Poems" via .wma format...listen for yourself! also visit buk's website of bukstuff - poems/short stories...i left all the updates back east...f@me
buk's da man! yea yea!

The Parlour
Unhappy Hour @ THE PARLOUR --- 7-9 --- readings @ 8p.m. with s.a. griffin - cait collins---Sunday March 10th, 7702 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood. Admission is free, drinks half price. What could be better than half priced drunken entertainment? - be there!

dickens' journal
updated via the Federal Correctional Institution in El Reno OK...send a cake w/a file!

poetry generators
lewis lacook's and jan mclaughlin's poetry generators have been much fun...try them out yerself and post your results on the grafitti board...find them here now

READERS of the-hold.com
the pages at the hold are designed to easily post a comment whether you've read poetry/prose or viewed the unique art/photography of the authors here - do it at the bottom of any page where you can click on the messageboard feedback link + we all enjoy a good spanking!... gotta fuckin' tell you'se everything?! (don't call me mo) hehe XOOXOXoh


basinski's book reviews
march 2002:

Satin City Serenade
Hell Has No Speed Limit
Dave Pishnery/Alan Horvath.
AlbuzerxQue. Volume 7

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by jeff filipski

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